Another Landing

by Cult With No Name

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6th album from the UK’s ‘post-punk electronic balladeers’ featuring guest appearances from Kelli Ali (Sneaker Pimps), Blaine L. Reininger, Luc van Lieshout, Bruce Geduldig (Tuxedomoon), John Ellis (Stranglers/ Peter Hammill), and Godmother of Japanese electronica Coppe’.


Fly On The Wall / Everything Lasts An Age / A Pound Of Penny Gaffs / Swept Away / Unique / Every Little Box / I Smell Gas / Not So Big In Japan / Those Weren't The Days / Not Stranger Than Fiction / Walter + Wally / Fly In The Ointment / Over And Out Of Here

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Following on from the resounding success of 2012’s Above as Below (with cover art from 2014 Grammy-nominee Jonathan Barnbrook) Cult With No Name return with the astonishing ‘Another Landing’.

CWNN’s sixth long player reveals the London duo to be in a defiant mood, which notably picks up the pace. Amongst the meticulously executed and emotive piano wizardry of the likes of ‘Swept Away’, the band cast a more urgent and scathing eye on the state of the nation, or rather indignation, with the pulsing India-electro of ‘Everything Lasts an Age’.

Elsewhere, the witty Walter + Wally sounds something Phil Spector producing Café del Mar, and certainly nothing like the two musicians it pays tribute to. The plaintive ‘Not so ‘Big in Japan’’ devilishly pokes fun at musicians who claim they are anything but, with ‘Over and Out of Here’ providing a soaring and entirely fitting electronic crescendo to the band’s latest, and finest excursion.

With the now typical mélange of breathtaking guest appearances, including three-fifths of legendary Tuxedomoon, Cult With No Name may have finally secured their passport…but to where?

Packaged in a deluxe fold-out box, with booklet and stickers (designed by Leigh @ Bit-Phalanx), ‘Another Landing’ equally upholds the tradition of stunning packaging that accompanies CWNN releases.

Reviews for 'Another Landing'::

:: ’vibrant and dynamic arrangements…’ – Sonic Seducer (Germany)
:: ’gifted with a plethora of imagination and ideas. top pick’ – babysue (USA)
:: ‘ethereal post-punk with a modern aesthetic’ - Musica Cafe (Brazil)
:: ‘a remarkable degree of sophistication’ - GAS (Mexico)
:: ‘a brilliant album, combining elements of their past but throwing away some armour to allow easier movement’ – Mick Mercer (UK)


released April 8, 2014

cwnn is Erik Stein and Jon Boux

All songs written, performed and produced by cwnn
1 written by Bruce Geduldig
12 written by Geduldig/ Boux/ Stein
Vocals 1 and 12 by Bruce Geduldig
Extra vocals 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13 by Kelli Ali
Trumpets 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 by Luc van Lieshout
Violins and violas 10 by Blaine L. Reininger
Guitars 3, 5, 11 by John Ellis
Extra vocals 8 by Coppe’, Risa and Sekai

Mastered by Pierre Vervloesom
Package design by Bit Phalanx
cwnn photos by Metso and Kelli Ali

(p) & © 2014 Copyright Control
All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Cult With No Name London, UK

The UK's widely acclaimed 'post-punk electronic balladeers'.


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Track Name: Everything Lasts an Age
Bright eyed boy, he wants to take control
He’s fought to rule us all
Ruler’s son, he’s going to lose the ones
who just can’t run anymore and meanwhile
World grows older, its leaders younger

So we’ll beat them off with our sticks
And all these children can’t tell me what I’m to think
‘Cos everything lasts an age

Dressed in black with shirt and tie to match
but then the suit’s too large
Shoes may shine, but then the doctrine’s tired
and it is failing us and meanwhile
The world grows older, its leaders younger

We’ll all rise up from our chairs
Let’s all watch as they capitulate, they’re scared
‘Cos everything lasts an age
Track Name: A Pound of Penny Gaffs
Come and see us flounder
Come and see us lose
Let’s see what we can offer now, I know
Then quietly disapprove

These flaws are for your pleasure
Applause please for the people we don’t thank
Now stop, hand us your money
A pound of Penny Gaffs

Come and see the failures
Come say how much you like
Let’s see who’s out of favour now, I know
But still stay friends for life

These flaws, so hard to measure
Applaud us for the strength to pull it off
Now stop and pay our rider
A pound of Penny Gaffs
A pound of Penny Gaffs

Now stop hand us your money
A pound of Penny Gaffs
Track Name: Swept Away
Outside, the wind it blows
Those winds of change come home
But the people carry on, on

Although you are not here
Your sacrifice is clear
A president in tears

It don’t matter where you stand
On health, on war, on bringing them back
You’ve been swept away again
You’ve been swept away again

Inside this rain-soaked mess
lies the president elect
And the billions that he spent, spent
Mother Nature, she’s no fool
She sought to drown the few
to save us all from you

It don’t matter where you stand
Pro-choice, pro-life, on the deaths in hand
You’ve been swept away again
You’ve been swept away again
Track Name: Every Little Box
Praise for every little box we've made
I know they're going to fail us all one day
So here we stand, alone, unplanned but proud

Fate - when chaos calls in all the shots
but takes far too long to fire them off
Prepare to fight that fear inside your head
'Cos when systems crash then crashing's all that's left

Here's our last line
Line of defence, the words that you said
It’s your time
It ends with a fall, so baby let's roll

Praise every little box we've made
I trust we'll all end up in one, someday
‘Cos when codes crack up the only way is down
Here's your last line
Line of defence, the words that you've said
It’s your time
It end with a fall, so baby let's roll
Track Name: I Smell Gas
I still sense it when I’m alone here
All around me
Stepping out from the fog into fresh air
seems too easy
Clear that I’m under you
The fear that it’s all true

And it’s behind every door I enter
Turn around now
It’s the sense that there’s something bigger
Damn you, Pascal
Wash the poison out of me
Watch them be deceived

I smell gas from cold radiators
I smell gas from coal fires that scold us
I smell gas from all the microwaves that kill us in our sleep

And don’t tell me that I am dreaming
I won’t be this time
Don’t say it’s the effect of her leaving
‘Cos she’s pure monoxide
Walk back into open air
all to be blown down
Light every match in here
all to be blown up
Track Name: Not so 'Big in Japan'
Every note ever taped
Every thought we relay
Will be loved for just a little bit

Every book we endorse
Will be read in due course
Not that they can understand it

But the truth is we’re not so ‘big in Japan’
We lied to all of our fans
And yeah even those outside Tokyo

Every time that we play
They’re all here, far away
Tide is high so we’ll keep on swimming

Every seed that we sow
Was dug up nine hours ago
And you thought that they would be sleeping

But the truth is we’re not so ‘big in Japan’
We’ve lied to all of our fans
And yeah even those outside Tokyo, North of Hokkaido

Oyurishi kudasai
Track Name: Those Weren't the Days
Truth is some of us moved on
No use, can’t look back anymore
Yet everything looked better when you had your glasses on

Time, it’s one big dirty trick
Damn right this moment won’t be missed
‘Cos every song was greater then, except for this next riff

Guess that we’re all growing up
The best time’s not one you’re thinking of
So let’s deny the young the very things that we chose to screw up

Those weren’t the days
Track Name: Not Stranger Than Fiction
That kind of excuse
Is not something I’d use
and never this way
Could think of a lie
‘bout what happened that night
and where I’m today
But when the truth doesn’t hurt
no fanciful words
it’s no kind of fun
Still trying my best
to fail your test
Not stranger than fiction
Tried hard not to move
for feeling the fool
and falling for you
Where once we were lost
these lies you can trust
I wrote them for you
And if that’s over the top
just tell me to stop
or I’ll carry on and on and on
Still trying to glean
just quite what you mean
Not stranger than fiction
Track Name: Walter + Wally
Walter and Wally awake
One’s in the shower, other one waits
Serving up breakfast but there’s still no eggs
Instead, they crack a smile

Walter and Wally, come look
They enter the study, reach for the hook
Turning out masterpieces like clockwork
They pause just once in a while

What will the world make of my girls?
What will the world make of my girls?

Walter and Wally at night
One’s under darkness, other one bright
See them dreaming of another life
then catch a little smile
Track Name: Over and Out of Here
I see the prize, your prying eyes, I know
I’ll reach out and I won’t let go
‘Til we’re something real

I’ll chase it down, through town to town I’ll pass
Until it’s firmly in my grasp
So come put your trust in me

I’ll keep you safe
So make me stay
I’ll find some place
Over and out of here

As you cave in to every whim I make
I’m already planning my escape
Always my intention
I fought my way to you today, but I’ve lost
I’ll soon be leaving you for dust
Always my intention too

I’ll keep you safe
Now make me stay
I’ll find some place
Over and out of here
The rules, they changed
Can’t make me stay
Forget this face
I’m over and out of here

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